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Home Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services

blanket washing. Blanket Washing in Cusco
5% Dcto.

Blanket Washing

Leave the washing of your blankets in our hands. Get clean, soft, and odor-free blankets. Contact us now and enjoy fresh and clean blankets.

From S/. 15.00
mattress cleaning. Mattress Cleaning in Cusco
15% Dcto.

Mattress Cleaning

We offer mattress cleaning and disinfection service at your doorstep in Cusco. We remove stains, odors, and dust mites to ensure that your mattress looks and feels like new again. Contact us

From S/. 150.00
Carpet Cleaning in Cusco. Carpet Cleaning in Cusco
5% Dcto.

Carpet Cleaning

With our professional carpet cleaning service in Cusco, you´ll be able to eliminate dirt, mites and bacteria, so that you can enjoy a fresh environment. Contact us now!

From S/. 20.00
FURNITURE WASHING. Furniture Washing in Cusco
15% Dcto.

Furniture Washing

We offer a disinfection and washing service for furniture, mattresses, carpets, dining chairs, and car seats with delivery in Cusco. Inquire now and get exclusive promotions.

From S/. 90.00
Chair Washing. Chair Washing in Cusco
5% Dcto.

Chair Washing

We offer washing and disinfection of chairs and seats with delivery included or washing at home throughout the city of Cusco. Inquire now and get exclusive promotions!

From S/. 30.00

In Lavamatic we care for the health, that is why we have developed technology of the latest generation in cleaning, disinfection and washing in Cusco.

Check  the best results of our Mattress Cleaning Service, the most efficient service in Cusco city.

There are several reasons to clean and disinfect your mattress:

  • Disinfect your mattress if you have any medical condition such as  respiratory allergies, skin allergies.
  • For a pleasant rest it is better that your mattress are in optimal conditions.
  • Dust mites and pathogens  are the  major cause of allergy conditions. 
  • The preferred place for mites are mattresses.
  • Due to the prolonged use of the mattress, it´s likely the accumulation of dead cells, body fat, blood flows, stains and nocturnal bowel movements.

How do we disinfect your mattress?

Our cleaning process begins with the removal of residues lodged in the mattress surface, such as cellular desquamation, mites (live and dead)

This is achieved with a vacuum cleaner with the latest technology in the disinfection industry, which performs a high-frequency sweep that removes the fiber from the surface to be cleaned, allowing more dust particles to be removed than conventional vacuum systems.

Once this process of disinfection and cleaning of your mattress has been successfully    finished, we proceed to do the drying and have it quickly as possible.

Diseases caused by a mattress in poor condition

  • allergies
  • Asthma
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Dermatitis
  • Etc...
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