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Carpet Cleaning

S./ 20.00 - S/. 100.00 Order now and we'll give you a 5% discount IGV included
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With our professional carpet cleaning service in Cusco, you´ll be able to eliminate dirt, mites and bacteria, so that you can enjoy a fresh and welcoming environment. Contact us now!

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Carpet washing service in Cusco
If you are looking for a quality carpet cleaning  with delivery service in Cusco, you stay in  the right place. In our carpet cleaning service, we use the best cleaning products and techniques to ensure that your carpets are clean, fresh and like new.

We know how important rugs are for decorating your home or business, so we make sure to treat them with the care they deserve. We use safe and effective cleaning products to remove dirt, stains and odors, without damaging the carpet fibers.

How do we perform the carpet cleaning service?

  • thorough inspection.- Of the same to determine the type of material and the amount of dirt accumulated.
  • Elimination of surface dirt.- By using a high-powered vacuum cleaner.
  • Pre-wash treatment.- To the carpet to loosen dirt and deep stains. After this, specialized equipment is used.
  • Wash the carpet.- With hot water and specific cleaning products for its type of material. The washing process is carried out several times until the carpet is completely clean.
  • Disinfection.- A disinfectant product is used to kill germs and bacteria that may be present on the carpet. This sanitizing process is carefully done to ensure that the entire mat is thoroughly sanitized.
  • Carpet drying.- This process is carried out with specialized equipment that uses heat and ventilation to ensure that the carpet is completely dry in a reasonable amount of time. Once the carpet is dry.
  • Combed and brushed.- To make it soft and with a renewed appearance.

Don't trust your rugs to just anyone. At our carpet cleaning service in Cusco, we take cleaning and caring for your carpets seriously. Contact us today to schedule your service and see the difference we can make in cleaning and caring for your carpets.

We clean and disinfect the following carpets:

  • wool rug
  • cotton rug
  • silk rug
  • sisal rug
  • jute rug
  • leather rug
  • polyester carpet
  • long pile rug
  • short pile rug
  • modern style rug
  • traditional style rug
  • oriental style rug
  • outdoor rug
  • indoor carpet
  • Runner

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