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We have services in Dry cleaner's:

Clothes dyeing services

Clothes dyeing services

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Pants dyeing. Pants Dyeing in Cusco

Pants Dyeing

If you need to dye your pants in Cusco, our laundry offers pants dyeing services for various types of fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, denim, and more. Contact us now!

From S/. 18.00 Before S/. 23.00
T-shirt Dyeing. T-shirt Dyeing in Cusco

T-shirt Dyeing

We dye your clothes with love! In our laundry in Cusco, we offer a high-quality dyeing service. Don't throw away your favorite shirts anymore. Contact us now!

From S/. 10.00 Before S/. 20.00
Jackets dyeing. Jackets Dyeing in Cusco

Jackets Dyeing

Refresh your favorite jackets with our dyeing service in Cusco. Customize your garments with a wide variety of colors. Contact us now!

From S/. 30.00 Before S/. 35.00
suit dyeing service. suit dyeing service

Suit Dyeing Service

We transform your suit into a unique and durable piece. Try our suit dyeing service in Cusco and look impeccable. Contact us now!

From S/. 25.00 Before S/. 30.00

Lavamatic dry cleaning offers its customers the latest 100% natural textile cleaning technology. No air nor water pollution,

Lavamatic Dry Cleaning offers a service for cleaning fabrics and repairing garments worn by an accident or by time, in our dry cleaning we will give you a second chance.

Lavamatic Dry Cleaning will always strive to achieve the best results and that's why  it will show you some reasons to be your favorite dry cleaning.

Why we need to  use Lavamatic Dry Cleaning?
When you have stains and odors that you cannot remove with a simple wash, It´s therefore recommended to take it to the dry cleaner because you can end up damaging the garment.

Why use Lavamatic Dry Cleaning?

  • When you take your garment to our dry cleaner you will get a professional work, we work with experts who take care of every detail of the garments.
  • The fabrics and colors will look nearly new, you will have durability in your garments.

With all these advantages, enjoying your favorite clothes for longer is possible with Lavamatic. You can also use others such as: Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Ironing and disinfections in Cusco city.

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