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Lavamatic - Kennedy A
Lavamatic - Kennedy A

Calle Los Diamantes G-24

Next to the by pass of Av. Túpac Amaru

Lavamatic - Garcilaso
Lavamatic - Garcilaso

Av. Garcilaso 212

Half a block from Wanchaq Market

Lavamatic - C.H. Pachacuteq
Lavamatic C.H. Pachacuteq

Wanchaq, Av. Tomasa Titto Condemayta N-108

1 block from Tupac Amaru Plaza, Wanchaq

Lavamatic - Kennedy A
Lavamatic - Centro Histórico

Plaza San Francisco - Calle Tordo

Next to Sedacusco and Pirwa Hostels

Lavamatic - 28 de Julio
Lavamatic - Occhullo Grande

Pj. Las Americas N-13, A media cuadra de Comisaría Tahuantinsuyo

Las Americas Park

Lavamatic - Manuel Prado
Lavamatic - Manuel Prado

Urb. Manuel Prado

Corner Av. Machupicchu with Av. Pucapucara, one block from Av. De la Cultura

Lavamatic - San Borja Cusco
Lavamatic - San Borja

Urb. San Borja, Av. Ucayali, N-6

Side of the Plaza de San Borja, Wanchaq

Lavamatic - La Florida
Lavamatic - La Florida

Parque Los Capulíes N-13

Urb. Ttio La Florida. Height of the 2nd Whereabouts

Lavamatic Prolongación Tupac Amaru - Santa Teresa
Lavamatic Prolongación Tupac Amaru - Marcavalle

Prolongación Tupac Amaru D-2

Santa Teresa, side of Quinta Marcavalle

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