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Clothes dyeing services

Clothes dyeing services

Pants dyeing. Pants Dyeing in Cusco

Pants Dyeing

If you need to dye your pants in Cusco, our laundry offers pants dyeing services for various types of fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, denim, and more. Contact us now!

From S/. 18.00 Before S/. 23.00
T-shirt Dyeing. T-shirt Dyeing in Cusco

T-shirt Dyeing

We dye your clothes with love! In our laundry in Cusco, we offer a high-quality dyeing service. Don't throw away your favorite shirts anymore. Contact us now!

From S/. 10.00 Before S/. 20.00
Jackets dyeing. Jackets Dyeing in Cusco

Jackets Dyeing

Refresh your favorite jackets with our dyeing service in Cusco. Customize your garments with a wide variety of colors. Contact us now!

From S/. 30.00 Before S/. 35.00
suit dyeing service. suit dyeing service

Suit Dyeing Service

We transform your suit into a unique and durable piece. Try our suit dyeing service in Cusco and look impeccable. Contact us now!

From S/. 25.00 Before S/. 30.00

Lavamatic dry cleaners in Cusco, taking care of your clothes and the environment.

Lavamatic dry cleaning offers to the  customers the latest 100% natural textile cleaning technology. Without air nor water pollution, the process uses only biodegradable products, providing  cleanliness and freshness to all kinds of garments with the maximum professionalism.

Wet cleaning is an alternative to traditional cleaning in Perchlorethylene.

Restores color and appearance of your clothes

Why you should have your clothes dry-cleaned by Lavamatic?

  • Restore  your clothes
  • The best long-lasting color fixation
  • Save time leaving your clothes in professional hands
  • We use products  that do not pollute water, air, land or other natural resource of the planet. 
  • Chlorine burning is not a problem
  • We remove difficult stains from fruit, sauces or rust

A non-toxic process, using varieties of dyes to match the color of your clothes, we have a professional, highly qualified team with extensive experience that allows cleaning and dyeing  all types of fabrics and fibers.

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