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Furniture Washing

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With our furniture washing service in Cusco. As we treat your furniture as though it were ours streamlining our efforts with our home service, providing you with a deep and effective cleaning to prolong its useful life. Join our community of satisfied customers and enjoy your furniture like the first day. Ask now and get exclusive promotions!

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Furniture washing service in Cusco
With our furniture washing and disinfection service in Cusco, your furniture will look like new! We care about  your furniture and that's why we use high quality cleaning products and techniques to provide a deep and effective cleaning that will prolong its useful life. Besides, our home service guarantees the comfort and safety of our clients by avoiding the transport of furniture to other places. We are proud of our community of satisfied customers who enjoy their furniture like the first day after our service. Don´t let stains and dirt ruin the appearance of your furniture, trust us the best disinfection service in Cusco!

How do we clean furniture at home?
In our laundry we offer furniture washing and disinfection delivery services. Depending on the state of the furniture, our staff will recommend the best solution on the spot. Next, we can detail both processes:

Furniture washing process

  • Inspection.- We carry out a detailed inspection of the furniture to determine the type of material and the areas that need to be treated.
  • Surface cleaning .- we apply a mild and specific cleaner for the type of fabric or leather, which is carefully rubbed to loosen dirt and stains.
  • Deep Wash.- We use high powered washing equipment and a mild detergent and water solution to thoroughly wash each section of furniture, making sure to reach all corners and crevices.
  • Water extraction .- we use a water extractor to remove excess moisture.
  • Drying.- We use a hot air drying machine to make sure the furniture is completely dried.
  • Protection .- we apply a protection treatment to help prevent future stains and damage to the fabric, leaving your furniture with a clean and renewed appearance.

Our furniture washing process is careful, detailed and effective to give you an exceptional result. Clarifying that all these services have delivery included Trust us to take care of your furniture and keep it in perfect condition.

Furniture disinfection process
Furniture sanitizing is an important process that keeps your furniture clean, keeps it free of bacteria, germs, and viruses. In our laundry, we offer furniture disinfection services at home using high-quality cleaning techniques and products.

  • Disinfection solution.- To eliminate any bacteria, germ or virus that may be present in the furniture. The solution is carefully applied and allowed to act for a specific time to ensure that the furniture surface is completely disinfected. The exposure time of the disinfectant is crucial to guarantee the effective elimination of all germs and bacteria, so we let the product act for the necessary time according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Final inspection.- To guarantee that the entire disinfection process has been carried out correctly and that the surface of the furniture is free of any dirt, stain or bacteria. It´s important to note that our company uses cleaning products and techniques that do not damage furniture and do not leave harmful chemical residues. Besides, our staff is highly trained to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the furniture disinfection process.

Our furniture disinfection service is a complete and effective process that guarantees the health and safety of furniture users. With our service, you can be sure that your furniture will be disinfected and ready for daily use.

We clean and disinfect the following furniture:

  • leather furniture
  • fabric furniture
  • microfiber furniture
  • synthetic leather
  • furniture suede
  • furniture Dining room
  • furniture car seats
  • living room furniture
  • sofas

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