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Shirt Ironing

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With our shirt ironing service in Cusco, you can always look impeccable and professional. We take care that your shirts are perfectly ironed and ready to wear in the shortest amount of time. 
No more worries about ironing, we take care of everything. Besides, we offer affordable prices and the best quality in each of our garments. Put trust in us and  see the difference!

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Steam ironing service for shirts in Cusco
Shirt steaming is an ironing technique that uses steam instead of a traditional iron to remove wrinkles from the fabric.

How do we iron your shirt?

  • Prepare the shirt: Make sure the shirt is clean and slightly damp. If the shirt is dry, spray it down with water before you begin.
  • Prepare the equipment: Fill the water tank of the steam iron and plug it in. Wait until the iron reaches the right temperature and the steam begins to come out.
  • Start ironing: Place the shirt on the ironing board and start ironing with the steam iron. Start at the back of the shirt, then continue to the sleeves and front.
  • Use the steam: As you iron, use the steam to dampen the fabric and remove wrinkles. Hold the iron a few inches away from the fabric and move the iron back and forth to distribute the steam evenly.
  • Pay attention to details: Pay attention to details, such as the cuffs and collar. Use the tip of the steam iron to reach the most difficult areas.
  • Finish with the front: After ironing the sleeves, collar, and back of the shirt, iron the front of the shirt. Make sure the collar button is ironed and the fabric looks smooth and wrinkle-free.
  • Hang the shirt: Once you've finished ironing the shirt, hang it on a hook to dry completely. Do not store it in the closet until it is completely dry.

Shirt steam ironing is an effective and easy technique to remove wrinkles from shirts. Using the right steam and careful movements, you can have a perfectly ironed shirt  in a short space of time. 

We also steam iron the following shirts:

  • cotton shirts
  • linen shirts
  • Dress shirt
  • Buttoned cuffs shirt
  • thick cotton shirt
  • Henley shirt
  • oxford shirt

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Dress Ironing Service

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Leather Ironing

Trusting us to iron your leather garments, you can enjoy the peace of mind of having a ready-to-wear garment without any worries.

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