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Dress Ironing Service

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Do you have a special dress that needs to be ironed for a special occasion? Or do you just want to keep your favorite dresses in perfect condition? Our dress ironing service in Cusco is the perfect solution for you.

With our attention to detail and exceptional care, we can make your dress look like new again. Whether you need us to iron a wedding dress, a cocktail dress or any other type of dress, we are here to help you.

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dress ironing service in Cusco
We offer competitive prices and fast delivery service so you can have your dress in time for your special event. Contact us today to get more information about our dress ironing service and leave your dress in the best hands.

  • Cocktail Dresses: These are more elegant and formal dresses worn for special occasions and evening events. They are generally knee-length or just above the knee and can be styled with different cuts and necklines.
  • Wedding Dresses: Wedding dresses are specially designed for the wedding day and can vary greatly in terms of design, style and fabric. They can be of different cuts, such as A-line, mermaid, princess, among others, and usually have a length that goes from the floor to the knee.
  • Casual Dresses: These are more casual dresses that can be worn for a wide variety of occasions, from an afternoon at the beach to a casual dinner. They can be of different cuts, materials and designs.
  • Evening Dresses: Evening dresses are more formal than casual dresses and are generally worn for more formal events. They can be of different cuts and styles, from elegant long dresses to short dresses with elegant details.
  • Sundresses: These are cooler, lighter dresses worn during the warmer days of the year. They can have different prints, designs, and cuts, and are usually made from lightweight fabrics like cotton or silk.

How do we iron your dress?

  • Preparation: The dress is carefully checked to identify possible stains, tears, or decorative elements that require special attention during the ironing process.
  • Temperature adjustment: The temperature of the iron is adjusted according to the type of fabric of the dress, so that it does not burn or damage it.
  • Ironing: The dress begins to be ironed, starting with the simplest part and then moving towards the more complicated areas. Areas with creases and seams may require more attention and are carefully ironed to ensure they are well defined.
  • Using a press: In some cases, to achieve a more professional finish, a press is used to iron specific parts of the dress, such as the neckline or cuffs.
  • Final review: The dress is checked to ensure that it is perfectly ironed, without wrinkles or marks.

We iron the following dresses:

  • Cocktail Dresses
  • Wedding dresses
  • casual dresses
  • Night dresses
  • Summer dresses

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