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Ironing of blouses

S./ 5.00 - S/. 15.00 IGV included
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Are you tired of fighting wrinkles in your favorite blouses? Do not care anymore! In our blouse ironing service, we take care that your clothes are wrinkle-free and ready to wear on any occasion.

We know that each blouse is unique, that's why we use personalized ironing techniques for each garment and material. Our ironing experts have the skill and experience to handle any type of blouse, from the most delicate to the most resistant.

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Blouse ironing service in Cusco
In our blouse ironing service, we take care that your favorite blouses look impeccable and wrinkle-free. We know that blouses can be delicate and difficult to iron, but our ironing experts have the experience and skill to get them just right.

Whether it´s a blouse made of silk, cotton or any other material, we use high quality ironing techniques to ensure that the garment is left soft, smooth and free of iron marks. In addition, we offer affordable prices and fast delivery so that you can enjoy your freshly ironed blouses in no time. Forget wrinkles and let us take care of ironing your blouses. Contact us today for more information about our blouse ironing service in Cusco and enjoy an impeccable garment at your next event.

How do we iron your blouse?

  • Reception of blouses: Blouses are received and checked for stains or damage. If necessary, special products are applied to remove stains.
  • Washing: If the blouses are not clean, we proceed to wash them before ironing. Some laundries offer washing and ironing service, while others are only dedicated to ironing clothes.
  • Drying: After washing, the blouses are dried in a dryer or on a clothes line.
  • Classification: Blouses are classified according to their type of fabric and their level of wrinkles.
  • Ironing: A professional iron is used and adjusted to the appropriate temperature for each type of fabric. Every part of the blouse is ironed on, including the sleeves, collar, and buttons.
  • Quality check: After ironing, the blouse is checked to be completely smooth and wrinkle-free.
  • Packaging and delivery: Finally, the blouses are folded and packaged for delivery to the customer.

We iron the following blouse:

  • button down blouse
  • chiffon blouse
  • Sleeveless Top
  • Blouse with ruffles
  • Lace blouse
  • Turtleneck Blouse
  • Silk blouse

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