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Sweater Washing

S./ 15.00 - S/. 30.00 IGV included
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With our help, you can be able to keep your sweaters clean and in optimal conditions so  you can wear it with confidence. There's nothing like the feeling of putting on a freshly laundered sweater! Come on, go ahead and try our service! We wash Alpaca, wool, polyester, merino sweaters and more. We have Delivery service in Cusco.

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Why bring  your alpaca sweater to the laundry?
In our alpaca sweater washing service in Cusco, we use specialized techniques to maintain the quality of the garment. Alpaca is a delicate fiber that requires gentle and careful treatment to maintain its texture and softness.

Our washing and drying experts ensure that your alpaca sweater receives the proper care so  you can enjoy it The softness and warmth for longer. Contact us to delivery service and give your alpaca sweater the care it deserves.

How do we wash the sweaters?

  • Detailed Inspection: Before washing any sweater, we perform a thorough inspection looking for stains or damage that may affect the washing process.
  • Selection of products and washing techniques: We select the appropriate products and techniques for washing your sweaters, taking into account the type of fabric and the color of each garment.
  • Professional washing: We use a professional washing process to ensure that your sweaters are in the best condition.
  • Quality control: Before delivering your sweaters, we carry out a quality control to make sure they are impeccable and ready to wear.

We wash:

  • nylon sweater
  • wool sweaters
  • cotton sweaters
  • acrylic sweaters
  • cashmere sweaters
  • chunky knit sweaters
  • Fine knit sweaters
  • V-neck sweaters
  • Round neck sweaters
  • Military style sweaters
  • Sailor style sweaters
  • hooded sweaters
  • Animal print sweaters
  • Fringed sweaters
  • Buttoned sweaters
  • sweaters with closures
  • retro style sweaters
  • vintage style sweaters
  • Sweaters with geometric patterns
  • Ethnic style sweaters
  • Sweaters with leather details

Sweaters according to the material:

  • Alpaca sweater
  • wool sweater
  • cashmere sweater
  • acrylic sweater
  • Polyester sweater
  • Mohair sweater
  • Merino sweater
  • silk sweater
  • Angora sweater
  • nylon sweater

Remember that each type of sweater has unique characteristics and requires special care when washing it. Let us take care of it and enjoy your clean sweaters in optimal conditions!

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